Terms and Conditions

By completing your reservation you confirm that you have read, understand and accept the following conditions. You furthermore confirm that you possess the legal authority necessary to accept these terms and conditions in your own name or on behalf of any companions. As such, upon completion of your booking your responsibilities include due payment, notifying us of any modification or cancellation of your reservation, as well as informing all other travelers in your group of their reservation details.

Book Taxi Group is a value added intermediation service to the official taxi service. As added value of booking management 365/24 (with amendment, cancellation, adaptation and modularity of the service), 24h assistance and online prepayment.

Payment of Book Taxi Group services includes payment of taxi service according to official rates approved by the local authorities of Taxi regulation.

Meeting instructions and courtesy time

a) The Supplier will be monitoring your flight arrival time according to the information provided to us during the booking process, to check for delays and adjust the pickup time accordingly. However, if your flight number changes, if you miss your flight or if your flight is cancelled, you must inform us by calling the 24hour assistance number found in your Booking Voucher. If your flight arrives before the scheduled time you will have to wait until the initial scheduled time to meet the driver; if you leave the pickup point before the scheduled time, the driver will close the service with “No Show” and the service will not be reimbursed. Any resulting modification is subject to acceptance by the Supplier. We will then confirm the status of your reservation via email.

b) Once your flight has landed, the Supplier will wait a maximum of 60 minutes at the meeting point indicated on your Booking Voucher. If you feel that your group may take longer than 60 minutes to arrive at the meeting point (due to passport control, customs, baggage claim, lost baggage, etc.) we recommend that someone from your group proceed immediately to the meeting point to inform the driver of any delays, or notify the delay by calling to our call center. Should the driver be required to wait past 60 minutes, your transfer may be subject to an additional charge. If the driver has not been advised of any delays and no member of your group has arrived at the meeting point 60 minutes after the arrival of your flight, the service will be cancelled. In this case no refund will be available.

c) Pick up at airports has a maximum waiting time of 60 minutes. For pick-ups at Hotels and private addresses the waiting time is 10 minutes, for pickups at other locations (railways stations, cruise terminals) the courtesy time is 30 minutes. If you can’t locate the driver, please don’t leave the meeting point and contact immediately our emergency number; otherwise, once elapsed the courtesy time, the driver will close the service and this will not be refunded.

d) Due to the traffic conditions, all pickup times in any location in the city have a time windows of 10 minutes. a Delay of 10 minutes from original pickup time can't be considered delay and can't be a reason for cancellation, complaint or refund request.

Modifications to Your Booking

a) Any requested change to your booking must be sent to us in writing to the following email address: team@booktaxigroup.com . All modifications are subject to approval by the Supplier, confirmation of which will be sent to the email address provided at the time of booking. Modifications, subject to the conditions outlined above, are allowed up to 24 hour before your first scheduled transfer.

b) You will be responsible for any increased costs incurred in the requested service as a result of any modification to your booking. Increased costs may result from changing: the size of a vehicle, your destination, additional stops or waiting time, extras, etc. You will be informed of any increased costs in the service via email, which will include a link where payment can be made.

c) If a requested modification to your booking results in a reduction of the price of your requested service, you will be reimbursed the difference if your modification request is received a minimum of 24 hour before your first scheduled transfer.


a) All cancellation requests must be received, in writing, at our email address team@booktaxigroup.com a minimum of 24 hour before the day of your first scheduled transfer.

b) Cancellations meeting the terms outlined above will be refunded using the same method of payment and currency used at time of purchase.

e) Cancellations made less than 24 hour before the scheduled time of the first transfer indicated on your booking voucher are NOT subject to return.

Force Majeure Cancellation
In case of Force Majeure Cancellation, the company has the option to provide an electronic voucher for the amount paid of the service, instead of the reimbursement of the amount paid.
This voucher will be redeem for any kind of service at any destination worldwide, with no limitations and no expiring date.

Reimbursements during the COVID-19 emergency: Due to the high volume of cancellations for the Coronavirus outbreak, we are not able to provide a reimbursement in case of cancellation, but an electronic voucher for the total amount of the cancelled service will be provided instead.
There is no expiring date for the use of the voucher and this can be used as many times as necessary until the use of the total amount, at any destination worldwide.

Excess of luggage

Only 1 suitcase per each passenger is allowed; to calculate correctly the type of vehicle suitable for your group, please fill te total number of suitcases (including handbags and additional items as strollers or similar). In case of excess of luggage, an additional fee may be necessary to hire a bigger or an additional vehicle.

Lack of availability

In case of lack of availability, we can decide to provide a bigger vehicle in order to assure your transfer. Any complaint and reimbursement request due to a vehicle change will be NOT accepted. 

Special requests

During the booking process, extra services such as baby seats, extra luggage accommodation, space for golf or ski equipment, etc. can be booked using the booking form. The payment for these Extra services is only provisional and does not guarantee their availability on the day of your transfer. In the unlikely case that we are not able to accommodate your Extra requirements on the day of your transfer, the amount of the extra fee will be reimbursed. Any other amount can be claimed by the customer in this case.